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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
dwightmansburden dwightmansburden 09/19/20 Solid communication. Quick shipping. Excellent packaging. Thanks again. wewelsburg_wolf wewelsburg_wolf
kmavvlf kmavvlf 09/18/20 Thanks again! Grafvölluðr Grafvölluðr
Stamps Stamps 09/18/20 Fast payment and good communication! Recommended buyer! Thanks a lot! A++ Xeniteia Xeniteia
Xeniteia Xeniteia 09/18/20 Quick, secure shipping and easy communication. 100% recommended. Stamps Stamps
Descending Descending 09/17/20 Great one! A+++ MightIsRight MightIsRight
Greuel Greuel 09/16/20 Thanks for the purchase and feedback! Mestari Mestari
ildjarn74 ildjarn74 09/16/20 Excellent seller! piss piss
giuliosacchi giuliosacchi 09/16/20 A+ Seller, Highly Recommended. Will of WôdanaR Will of WôdanaR
Mestari Mestari 09/15/20 Just perfect! Items as described and packaged like a tank. Knows how to handle valuable records. thanks Greuel Greuel
ildjarn74 ildjarn74 09/15/20 Thanks for the purchase and feedback! Mestari Mestari
Mestari Mestari 09/15/20 Great seller! Fast shipping! Thanks! ildjarn74 ildjarn74
The Key Keeper The Key Keeper 09/14/20 Fast and good shipping! Asgardsrei79 Asgardsrei79
Australianantichrist Australianantichrist 09/12/20 Thanks for the purchase and feedback! Mestari Mestari
Mestari Mestari 09/12/20 Great seller Australianantichrist Australianantichrist
antihumanism antihumanism 09/11/20 Excellent seller. Hellevorst88 Hellevorst88
The Key Keeper The Key Keeper 09/10/20 Perfect seller Grafvölluðr Grafvölluðr
FantomasRagnarok FantomasRagnarok 09/08/20 Perfect to deal with! thanks Greuel Greuel
Greuel Greuel 09/08/20 Great seller! Everything perfect! FantomasRagnarok FantomasRagnarok
Mikelatz Mikelatz 09/08/20 Perfect and fast deal!! Rumpel Rumpel
Rumpel Rumpel 09/07/20 Great seller! Mikelatz Mikelatz
Warlust Warlust 09/04/20 Perfect buyer to deal with. Fair priced, very friendly and packaging was top! Greuel Greuel
K.D.S. K.D.S. 09/03/20 Thanks for the purchase and feedback! Mestari Mestari
Mestari Mestari 09/02/20 Fantastic seller! Good communication and the 7" arrived within four days, packed like a pro. Buy with confidence! K.D.S. K.D.S.
dwightmansburden dwightmansburden 09/01/20 Fast shipping and packed very well. Even threw in a couple extra stickers. Highly recommended kmavvlf kmavvlf
Athanatos Athanatos 09/01/20 excellent buyer dwightmansburden dwightmansburden
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