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    A lot, here's ten of some of the most highly consistent: Abigor, Arghoslent, Enslaved, Iron Maiden, Kraftwerk, Lunar Aurora, Manilla Road, Morbid Angel, Rush, Summoning
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    A lot, here's 20, 1 per artist, and nothing from the Favorite Bands column because I find that more interesting: Antichrist (Gorgoroth), Burzum/Aske (Burzum), From the Fjords (Legend), Frost and Fire (Cirith Ungol), In the Nightside Eclipse (Emperor), Judeobeast Assassination (Grand Belial's Key), Killing Technology (Voivod), Legion (Deicide), Mystic Places of Dawn (Septic Flesh), Onward to Golgotha (Incantation), Panzerfaust (Darkthrone), Reign in Blood (Slayer), Retaliation (Carnivore), Rising (Rainbow), Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 (Aphex Twin), Shadow, Thief of the Sun (:zoviet*france:), Stormcrowfleet (Skepticism), To the Depths... In Degradation (Infester), Warriors on the Edge of Time (Hawkwind), Written in Waters (Ved Buens Ende)

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