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  4. Welcome to the Vault.

  5. I share this link, in it we offer propaganda to Nihilistic Grief. 

    Video track.: Resurgimiento Cosmogónico Solar. 






    Nihilistic Grief _Gallery.jpg

  6. Screenshot_20230110-012025_Office.jpeg.941010c52c8b3ed8d481f9e129d27c55.jpeg

    I share the link to the interview conducted with S.88 from VRIL 88. This interview comes in the second release of the zine.



  7. IMG_20221128_115439_613.thumb.jpg.b87edee4a2047222f6ff154844fc3389.jpgKreigertod "SS". 

    We have 20 hand-numbered copies.

    If interested, write to

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    88 El Aullido del Lobo 88

  8. In just a few hours this arsenal leaves for Providence, Rhode Island (USA). Thanks to Mr. Powers for supporting the label and the published projects.


    Orders to.:

    [email protected]/[email protected]ail.com 


    Telegram channel.:


    Rhode Island_Gallery.jpg

  9. Time has come for the presentation of the cover of the 2nd zine, it brings together the following exponents.
    Vril 88.
    División 28-7.
    Nihilistic Grief.


    Orders to.: 

    [email protected]/[email protected] 


    Telegram channel.:



  10. Kreigertod "SS".
    demo 2022.

    limited to 20 copies.



    Orders to.:

    [email protected] [email protected]


    telegram channel.:



  11. We are just a few days away from editing this new horde loaded with racism, we are talking about Kreigertod, a new project from Argentine lands.  


    Kreigertod is.:

    Discriminator 88 - Voice, propaganda.

    AK88 - All instruments.


    Their first demo "SS" will be released in diffusion mode under Visión-furor-Ideal.Rec.  Said project is available to proposals from other labels for future editions/participations.

    Kreigertod tapa.jpg

  12. With great honor we mention that we continue working together with ABISMO in this opportunity we will release "WINTER" which is the first demo is an edition of 4 instrumental songs totally in a cold and raw Black Metal. It was recorded in 2018, this demo also brings a cover of Burzum very well executed in his total "Dunkelheit".


  13. Greetings in general.  I share the address of my Telegram channel where news and propaganda are uploaded.


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