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Participation in THE BLACK VAULT requires the recognition of the following guidelines. These guidelines relate to posts, profile information, avatars, signatures and any other content and participation on this site in general.

Private messages sent between members that fall short of these guidelines can be reported and seen by the Moderators only by using the Report function.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the discussions in this forum, it is impossible for us to examine all posts, or to check for accuracy and validity before they are published. If you believe that someone has violated our policies, or you have spotted content that requires our attention in any way, please report these via the above-mentioned Report function. Such reports are voluntary and anonymous, therefore we will never disclose the sender of the report.

Any posts that relate to a violation, are treated as such and will be handled by us accordingly. Any content that violates our policy will be removed by us. The interpretation of these guidelines is at the discretion of the staff.

This is a non-profit website. The technical infrastructure is financed voluntarily and without any commercial purpose.

THE BLACK VAULT is a metal forum, specializing in Black Metal. We have set ourselves the goal of creating a platform for the discussion and exchange of extreme music, aimed at extreme people that might have extreme views.

In this forum, the right to free speech applies. By registering, you agree that all opinions expressed here, even the opinions that may be far from the political mainstream, can be discussed. If, after registration, you have a problem with this, you can opt to have your account deleted. To do this, please use the contact form.

  1. Cross-posting is not allowed and will result in the removal of one or more posts. Cross-posting means to publish the same content to two or more locations. Always post your contributions to the appropriate location in the structure of our forum. Identical posts that are posted in the same or different forums will be removed.
  2. The number of posts that a user has written can be significant, but should not be taken too seriously. Any attempts to increase a members post count artificially are prohibited. This includes the mass production of short, irrelevant posts. Please do not write too short consecutive posts when taking part in forum games such as "chain of associaions" or "what are listening to right now?"
  3. Signatures may contain up to three lines of text, including blank lines. Images are allowed, but must not be so large that they interfere with the readability of text in a thread. Images account for one line of text. We advise you to select fonts and colors which are legible and a font size that is not too large. You are allowed to mention websites and companies in your signature with whom you are affiliated with in any way.
  4. All actions that directly or indirectly pose a threat to the forum or its users are prohibited. All attacks on the forum, such as exploiting the software, will result in a lifetime ban.
  5. Under no circumstances should any personal information of members be published, such as addresses or telephone numbers.
  6. Since this is an English language forum, we expect that all contributions are written in the English language so that all content can be correctly understood and verified.
  7. Vulgar language is generally allowed. However please do not disturb serious discussions with unnecessary vulgarity.
  8. If you wish to link websites, make sure that the content of the linked website complies with the present guidelines of this forum. This also applies to the mention and reference of other websites, even if they are not hyperlinked. If you add a link in your post and the link is automatically censored, it can be assumed that the link did not meet our guidelines and should be immediately deleted. All posts with inappropriate links will be removed by us.
  9. Posts that relate to the topic of illegal activities, transactions or websites, such as warez, cracks, hacking, downloads, etc. will be removed. This includes posts that contain illegally obtained information.
  10. Each user may only create one account. So-called double accounts are prohibited and are subject to penalties. If a user is suspected of having a double-account and a subsequent examination of the suspect leads to confirmation, both accounts will be banned for life. If you wish to change your username, please get in touch with us. It is possible to change your username while keeping all other profile data, posts and other content.
  11. Automated actions such as creating personal accounts, posts and reading content to gain information are not permitted.
  12. We know that some members will leave the forum from time to time (through their own free will or otherwise). After the termination of a membership, we will not delete account contributions or other content from our forum. By posting any content, you give us a simple, indefinete and royalty-free right to use the content in the context of this forum, since any content published in this forum, even if you leave it, will remain. You can ask us at any time to delete certain content, but it is at the discretion of the administrators as to when and if we remove the content. If you should decide that you no longer wish to be a member of this forum, we will close your account and your profile so that it contains no identifiable content. Once your account is closed, you can not participate in the forum any longer. Under no circumstances can a deleted account be reinstated.
  13. The staff has the last word on everything. If you have a problem, it is advisable to complain directly to us and not to complain publicly on the website. Creating threads or posts that discuss administrative decisions, such as the removal of posts or thread closures, are not allowed. We are not perfect and if you think that we have made a mistake, send a Private Message to a team member and we will reexamine the situation.
  14. Serious and intentional incites for violence, the implementation, and planning of attacks and the formation of criminal associations are strictly prohibited! This includes the abuse of our communication infrastructure for this purpose.
  15. Advertising for releases, concerts, and festivals are promoted throughout the forum. Concert organizers are invited to open a thread for their event in the appropriate subforum.
  16. The trade of weapons of any kind is not allowed. Any instructions published, which could be used to manufacture explosives, weapons or objects to hurt (or even kill) other people is strictly prohibited.
  17. The reviews left for trading in the member profiles must be honest, and should not contain fake or falsified information.
  18. Given the legal, historical and political sensitivity of the subject, we request that members do not discuss the Holocaust and other subjects that may be illegal to discuss in a controversial manner in certain jurisdictions. Any topics or posts related to these subjects will be removed.


If a user does not comply with our policies and disregards the decisions of moderators and administrators, he risks losing his or her account. We reserve the right to disable accounts without warning and to edit or remove posts.

The staff moderate based on the above guidelines and a set of internal guidelines. Warnings or punishments may be imposed at our discretion. A statement, a notice or a decision of a staff member is to be obeyed without discussion. Should you have an issue with this, please discuss the problem with the team member concerned personally, by PM, to clarify the situation. It is not permitted to discuss these issues publicly.

The following penalties may be executed:

  • The posts are published only after moderation for X hours/days.
  • A member cannot contribute to threads for X hours/days
  • The account is locked for X hours/days
  • The chat is locked for X hours/days

These guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.

Do you have a question about our policies, or something else? Do you have a suggestion for improvement? Would you like to give us feedback or have you encountered problems with the website? No matter what it is, please open a thread in the About TBV forum.

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