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THE BLACK VAULT is a metal forum, specializing in Black Metal. We have set ourselves the goal of creating a platform for the discussion and exchange of extreme music, aimed at extreme people with extreme views.

The right to free speech applies to this forum. By registering you agree, that all opinions expressed here, even the opinions that may be far from the political mainstream, can be discussed.

Our Site Guidelines & Privacy Policy apply from the date of your registration and will be part of our Terms of Use.
If you do not agree with the site guidelines, then your right to use the forum ceases. Contact a staff member using the contact form if at any point you wish for your account to be deleted.

Please note that all forum posts and messages only reflect the views and opinions of their respective authors and that the responsibility for the content lies with the author. As a result, the accuracy of posts and messages cannot be guaranteed. Any visitor to the forum who feels negatively affected or personally offended by a contribution is urged to immediately contact one of the moderators or the administrator. We have the ability and the means to remove such contributions (and potentially their authors!) and we will make every effort to do this within a reasonable amount of time.

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